1. Who is Abuja Enterprise Agency:

Abuja Enterprise Agency (AEA) is the FCT vehicle for wealth creation, employment generation, poverty eradication and value re-orientation with a mandate to facilitate business growth in the Federal Capital Territory. The agency focuses on the development of micro, small and medium enterprises and aims to assist new existing entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles to growth through access to finance, proper business planning and developing entrepreneurship skills.

  1. What we do:

We stimulate business growth by providing a wide range of services to new and already existing entrepreneurs. These services are tailored to position them for profitability and sustainability.

  1. What are our services:

Business Advisory services; Access to workspace; Business clinics; Enterprise promotion; Outreach services; Mentorship; Training services; AEA ICT Hub; Research and consultancy; Access to finance; Library; SME Online directory; Policy advocacy.

  1. What is our mission and vision:

Vision: To be the symbol of entrepreneurial development in Africa

Mission: To provide excellent support services by developing relevant programmes and activities to start and nurture businesses.

  1. What are the conditions for accessing credit facilities from the agency:

Register as a client of the Agency; get attached to a counsellor; Attend one training on BDS (Business Development series); Provide your passport and I.D card; CAC registration; and you must provide the necessary guarantor (At least two).

  1. What aspects of SMEs does the agency specialize in developing:

There’s no restriction to the SMEs that the agency can develop.

  1. Are AEA services restricted to only the FCT:

No, our services can be accessed from outside the FCT, except in matters relating to credit/loans.

  1. How does one become a client of the agency:

Fill a client registration form and pay the registration fee.

  1. How can ones business idea be nurtured by the agency:

Provision of necessary Business Advisory Services, Training and Financial support where required with constant monitoring of the business, pitching with bigger and more established businesses, etc.

  1. How does one access the Agency’s workspace? And how effective can the agency facilitate the workspace:

You can access the Agency’s workspace by paying the required fee charges for the workspace. The agency provides fully furnished and comfortable workspace which includes internet access.

  1. Which kind of training do you do In-house?

We offer trainings in different areas which include but not limited to Customer Service Excellence, Human Resource Training, Financial Seminar for Women in Business, Youth Entrepreneur Programme, Sales and Marketing, Creative Enterprise, Finance for Non-financial Managers, Social Enterprise Workshop, Branding and Packaging Workshop, Agro Revive for Agro-Business, e.t.c.

  1. AEA organizes business 360, what is it about:

It’s a business clinic that features government regulators, symposium, seminars, products exhibition and one-on-one counselling sessions.

  1. What is the Business Plan Competition and how often is it organized:

Business plan competition is a competition through which young entrepreneurs are encouraged to imbibe and develop the culture of business plan writing for result oriented and successful business ventures. Winners of this competition receive prizes and are exposed to angel investors and forms of support. It is an annual competition.

  1. Please explain in details about your entrepreneurs club:

The Entrepreneur’s club (EC) aims at grooming young entrepreneurs from school level; it’s a club developed in schools to teach students on entrepreneurship and the need to be entrepreneurs. This youth programme is targeted at students below the tertiary institution level, designed to encourage them in identifying leadership and entrepreneurial potentials and developing them into positive ends through periodic competitions, exchange programmes and tours.

  1. Please explain what ACEG is all about:

The Abuja Creative Enterprise Group (ACEG) is a project of the Abuja Enterprise Agency. It is designed and intended to develop, encourage, and promote creative enterprise and the use of ICT as an innovative approach to harness skills and talents, support creative arts, build self-reliance, and create job opportunities for the abundantly gifted and talented youths. Focus area is in the area of Music, Dance, Modelling, Photography, Acting, Tailoring and use of ICT.