Objectives & Benefits

  1. To encourage proper business plan writing
  2. To support and develop the growth of small businesses in the FCT
  3. Develop participants entrepreneurial skills and help them in developing their business plan
  4. To develop ideas that would lead to the creation of enterprises that will generate wealth
  5. To promote Healthy competition amongst entrepreneurs
  6. To create a drive for entrepreneurship among the youth and open
  7. The objectives of the 3rd Abuja business plan competition are:
  8. their minds to opportunities.
  9. To give participants the support they require in developing and implementing business plans
  10. To give the Agency’s Enterprise Development Service (EDS) the opportunity to expand their service offerings as well as increase their developmental impact.


The 3rd ABPC is open to business plans from 3 sectors, Information Technology, Agriculture and Fashion.


The impact of this 3rd Edition of the Abuja Business Plan competition basically lies in providing valuable insight into the perspectives and options in Business Plan Writing opened to FCT Indigenous Entrepreneurs in the Information Technology, Agricultural and Fashion sector.

The outcome of the competition will add value to existing literatures on business plan competition and serve as reference for further research and a reference material for other organizations who might be interested in organizing business plan competitions.


  1. Participants of the 3rdABPC will enjoy the following benefits:
  2. Free Business Plan made Easy Training
  3. Free Presentation skills Training
  4. Free Pitching Skills training
  5. Free Mentoring
  6. Free Business Awareness Training
  7. Networking Opportunity
  8. Easy Access to Finance for all applicants
  9. Prizes for the top 3 finalists in every track
  10. Access to grant of N10Million
  11. Access to Angel investors and venture capitalists
  12. Access to markets
  13. Access to single digit credit facility of N100million
  14. Affordable mobile and internet plans