Abiodun C. Osoba is another Nigerian woman who advocates women empowerment, arguing that when you empower a woman you empower a nation economically. She is an entrepreneur and founder of Globally Igniting Africa, CEO, Bayberry Global Consulting Inc. and Agile Advisor with over 12 years of experience, which has translated into leadership development, training, organisational management and business branding.

In this interview with Moses Nosike, she discussed girl and women empowerment as a tool to nation building as well as training which she argued is the best way to build a career and business development in developing countries of Africa. Excerpts:

How did you develop your business idea/concept and mission? My idea of The Agile Advisor as a business came from a place of need for individuals and business owners. Personally, when I started my career path, I did not find any institution to support me with the kind of help I needed. Presently, there are not enough organisations providing practical hands-on workshops for practitioners to get the knowledge required for the workplace and for business owners. As a result, I decided to create a solution to meet the needs of individuals and business owners expecting to start or improve their knowledge at the workplace or business environment. My initial mission was to help and support individuals with the necessary tools needed for a thriving career, but along the line a lot things unfolded as business owners began to ask for the same level of support to improve their businesses. With that a lot of businesses have been transformed both in Nigeria and in diaspora. What is unique about your business? We provide practical hands-on solutions to businesses growth as well as individual career development to reposition them to compete globally in their areas of specialisation. Such solutions empower them to build confidence to excel at the workplace anywhere. What made you choose this type of business? I believe I have been called to empower others and I enjoy doing that. I chose this type of business because the solution has helped me tremendously to a point where it has taken me to a higher level in my career and because I have been blessed by it, I will like to be a blessing to others and empower them to do the same. Does your company help the community where it is located? The Agile Advisor currently sponsors a community event in Mississauga, Canada called Agile Mississauga Meetup. It is here that Agile Practitioners are able to meet locally, learn and network for free. We have also set up another one called the Agile Nigeria Meetup in Lagos so that those who choose to continue to learn and network within the community can benefit freely as well. Which area do you consider most important as an entrepreneur? An area I consider most significant in business as an entrepreneur is the ability to empower others and be a blessing to them so that they can empower others. Through the Agile Advisor, many people who were unemployed for a long time, have been able to start a new career path and have gainful employments and their lives transformed. We are constantly making things better, faster, smarter and less expensive. We leverage on technology to improve processes. In other words, we strive to do more–with less. How can women be empowered for nation building? Women can and should be empowered for nation building. A famous quote says “ if you train and empower a girl, you educate a whole village”. Imagine when millions of girls and women are trained and empowered! The whole world will be educated and saved. When I was not working as the Founder and CEO of The Agile Advisor, I was running a non-profit organization with the objective to empower young girls and women. Women can be empowered by giving them the right opportunities to thrive in education, achieve their dreams, develop their talents, speaking, taking on roles, and leadership in the community, nation and many more avenues.

Source: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2017/04/economy-will-develop-faster-women-entrepreneurs-osoba/

April 29, 2017