The Junior Chamber International Nigeria on Tuesday said it had begun the search for this year’s edition of its ‘Ten Outstanding Young Persons’ with nomination expected to end today (Wednesday).

The TOYP programme is a Junior Chamber International initiative to formally recognise young people who excel in their chosen fields and create positive change.

The award seeks to recognise the outstanding achievements of young Nigerians, who are under 40, for their hard work and exemplary leadership in science, human rights, entrepreneurship and health.

A statement by the JCI in Lagos noted that preparations for the award had already begun in earnest.

According to the 2018 JCI TOYP Chairperson, Oluwatoyin Atanda, this year’s edition has so far exceeded past achievements, “receiving over 1,000 nominations with the possibility of the figure doubling as the submission date draws nearer.”

Atanda said the award was borne out of the need to celebrate a new generation of young leaders, who were doing exemplary work in advancing their communities.

She stated, “The celebration alone will serve as great inspiration to young Nigerians, especially at a time when there is a dearth of young leaders to look up to.

“The JCI TOYP serves to formally recognise young people under 40, who create positive change in the world by excelling in their chosen fields. By recognising these people, we raise the status of socially responsible leaders in the world and motivate their peers to seek excellence.”

Atanda added that nominations were open to Nigerian youths of all creed and race, noting, “They are entitled to choose young leaders of their choice in the different categories that have been highlighted for the award.”

31st January 2018