Getting things done can be challenging for everyone, but entrepreneurs find things especially hard. In order to succeed in the industry, you need to be more productive and work efficiently, and having a million things on your to-do list is not encouraging at all.

This was the situation that Mohammed Ladan found himself in, towards the end of 2017, His business was recovery after a sluggish start and he suddenly found that he either leaving many important things undone or mixing up appointments. He knew he needed help to start 2018 on the right footing.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem; Technology has been assisting entrepreneurs for over a decade now, and the advances make it easier and easier to tackle all tasks in an efficient manner. Starting from apps from time organization to those that keep you focused, there is basically an app for everything.

Here are the top 10 choice of apps for entrepreneurs that want to make their lives easier:

  1. Accompany

Also called the ‘virtual chief of staff’ this app will help you reduce all that time spent doing research when prepping for important meetings. This amazing app can be the secret helper who will email you a briefing before a meeting and provide you with all the information you need to close the deal. Just download the app and connect it to your email account, as well as the mobile calendar and Facebook account. It will go through a variety of information and data online to create a summary of your contacts.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is one of the most popular tools and not only in the world of entrepreneur. According to an HR manager this app ‘saved his life more time than he could count’. He saya: ‘Evernote should make it on the top of every app list out there because of one simple reason: it allows you to stay organized and finish everything in time.’

The freeware version of Evernote is available for android, web, and iOS. This allows you to synchronize all your devices and files, capture photos, save Web pages, create to-do list and even record reminders.

If you have troubles scheduling your tasks, this is the first thing you should download.

Ever wondered, ‘How can those successful entrepreneurs constantly find great ideas?’ The answer to this question simply cannot lie in high productivity or motivation, since no one can remain motivated and productive at all times.

Any successful entrepreneur will tell you the same thing – you get ideas by reading. You read on the go, during your free time, and during breaks in between tasks. To help you with this,………

…….to be continued next week

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Page: 13

Date: 14th February, 2018