Sterling Bank Plc has provided expanded platform and opportunities to Abuja-based Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in the food and drink industry. Through the sponsorship of the food and drinks festival, which held at the weekend in Abuja, the bank provided a platform and opportunities to at least 20 SMEs to deepen their market penetration.The food and drinks festival witnessed over 2,500 visitors who patronised the food and drinks vendors, most of whom have no physical business address The marketing manager, Sterling Bank, Daphne Akatugba, on the sideline of the festival said the bank’s sponsorship of the event was to support the small businesses to access new markets. “Most of the businesses you see here don’t have physical addresses but this helps them to connect with their customers and new customers. This creates access to new markets,” she said. “This is to help them sell and improve revenue,” she said adding that at Sterling Bank, startups are supported and nurtured to success regardless of whether they have fiscal address or not. The marketing manager also explained that by nurturing the company from scratch, they hope to benefit when it grows in the medium to long term. “Our target is to also build a relationship with the small businesses from this first contact with them,” she said, adding that the bank will continue to interact with the firms to understand their challenges and help them solve them.

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