Bee farming is one of the agricultural enterprises that you can start with little capital; as low as N50,000 but also as high as N5 million or N10 million. The equipment in bee-keeping, like beehives, can be produced locally to help reduce the cost. You don’t need to own land before you start bee farming. You can hire a piece of land or partner with fruit farmers that have citrus and mango trees because you are doing them a favour by putting your hives there. As we know, bees are agents of pollination and by putting your hives where – the bees will pollinate the fruits trees, which will assist the farmers to double their harvests. The basic rules to successful bee farming The first thing is to have the basic knowledge because you don’t give what you don’t have. Good management of bees is also paramount; you need to manage your pairing very well. In the aspect of hives construction, it must be to the target and finally, you must have a very good location.
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