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Abuja Business Plan Competition (ABPC)

Abuja Business Plan Competition (ABPC)

Abuja Business Plan Competition was initiated in January 2007. It is the first of its kind for small businesses in Abuja and supported by private, public and non-profit organizations. The competition aims to encourage proper business plan writing and support the development of small businesses so as to further develop the entrepreneurial mind-set of residents within the FCT. The Abuja Business Plan Competition is scheduled to be an annual event where Participant submit competitive business plans and selected entrants go through series of trainings, counseling and mentoring, It is conceived out of the Abuja Enterprise Agency’s desire and vision to encourage proper business plan writing and support the development of small businesses so as to further develop the entrepreneurial mindset of residents within the FCT. 

However, from our experience here in AEA we have discovered that a Business Plan Plays a Crucial role in the commencement and sustenance of an enterprise. Writing a business plan is the best way to test whether or not an idea for starting a business is feasible and viable, this motivated AEA to promote the awareness and support the art of business plan writing. The Business Plan addresses a number of causes of business failure before the owner would commit more resources into the venture either at start up or for expansion.A business plan acts as a road map leading to the desired destination of any business in the short,medium and long terms. This is the first step to the actualization of any business goal as it has been moved from being just a thought of the conceiver to an actual, physical document that can be pursued, hence realized. This makes it one of, if not, the most important factor for any business, whether it is a start up or already existing.



The objectives of the 2nd Abuja Business Plan Competition are: • To encourage proper business plan writing. • To support and develop the growth of small businesses in Abuja. • To promote healthy competition amongst entrepreneurs. • To initiate an arena to enable large businesses like banks support upcoming entrepreneurs. • To create a drive for entrepreneurship among the youth and open their mind to its worth.


The contribution of this Competition basically lies in providing valuable insight into the perspectives and options in Business Plan Writing opened to Nigerian indigenous Entrepreneurs operating in all sectors imaginable. The outcome of the competition will add value to existing literatures on business plan competition and serve as reference for further research and a reference material for other organizations who might be interested in organizing business plan competition. It will also be of significance to entrepreneurs, researchers and students, as it will provide an insight into the practical application business plan in Nigeria.

Participants of the ABPC will benefit from the following:

  • Free Training
  • Business Plan made Easy Training
  • Business Awareness Training
  • Free Mentoring
  • Easy Access to Finance for all applicants


22 January 2015


Abuja Business Plan Competition (ABPC)



We are focused on the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and aims to assist new and existing entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles to growth through access to finance, proper business planning and developing entrepreneurship skills.