• Plot 74, Cadastral Zone B15, Sector Center A, Jahi, Abuja
  • +234 81 803 07118
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Special Projects

Abuja Creative Enterprise Group (ACEG)

Abuja Creative Enterprise Group (ACEG)

The Abuja Creative Enterprise Group (ACEG) is an enterprise development initiative designed and intended to develop, encourage and promote social enterprise and the use of ICT as an innovative approach to harness skills and talents, support creative arts, build self-reliance, and create job opportunities for the abundantly gifted and talented youths.



22 January 2015


Abuja Creative Enterprise Group (ACEG)



We are focused on the development of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and aims to assist new and existing entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles to growth through access to finance, proper business planning and developing entrepreneurship skills.